Mr William (Bill) Grady (1934 – 2014)

Uncle BillIn loving memory of my dear Uncle Bill Grady.  He was a champion breeder and judge of Australian Game Poultry. He worked at Glory Vale and Mernot. He taught me everything he knew about poultry, parrots, Herefords, horses, sheep and working dogs, along with Lindsay and brother Keith Hyem. I have the fondest memories, that inspired me before and perhaps now he is gone, inspires me even more.  I painted what we both loved – anything rural. A true blue gentleman, who will always be sadly missed. P.S  Remember to whistle while you work. RIP

I wonder if the Royal’s seen the Dogs on the back of the Ute?

Another Sydney Royal Show over for another year. Going to be tough painting something better for next year’s show. My favourite little country show is Gresford, NSW. Held in March, each year. One of my favourite days, was in 1988. I had a three Hereford Cattle / Landscape paintings entered, received a Highly Commended and sold that one ( the other two had been entered in Gloucester Show the following week) A woodchopper bought a drawing of a racehorse called Zamazaan, with his winnings from that day. My father who did Fence Post Splitting came up to me and told me there was a spare log left in the Boy’s woodchop, would I like to have a go? On the back foot, I said ‘Ok’. Half an hour later ( because girls where not in boy’s woodchops- insurance!) they let me enter. Standing up on the block, with axe in hand, I hitched up my skirt and started swinging. My first ever green ribbon won at a show, was a third placing in the ‘Boy’s’ woodchop at Gresford. Later that evening, my brother Greg and I walked around with hessian bags, picking up aluminium cans for recycling while Dad had a few beers with the other splitters. With my favourite colour blue, in the fireworks ending the day, to the best little show in NSW, if not Australia.

Gresford Show March 7th – 8th

JOB:DUN or is it?

69.5 hrs to make people smile. Was it worth it? You be the judge!