Nov 25

Family Photographs –

My Great Great Grandmother Susannah

Fred Clarke

My Great Great Grandfather Daniel Syron with his daughter Ada.


Jane Syron (Smith) my Great Grandmother. Grandma’s, Mum and the only photo she had of her.

This Picture says a thousand words to me. A pet Magpie!!! My father Jim (Walter Harold Turner) and I have always had a pet bird of various breeds, all our lives, a love shared.

My Great Great Grandmother in the middle. Susannah.

Madge (Margaret) RAAF.

Jimmy Clarke – Gloucester

Jimmy Clarke

Daniel Syron 7th Light Horse

 Grandma’s brothers. (Peter in the middle maybe) and Uncle George Smith on right – Light Horse

William Smith, Grandma’s Dad and my Great Grandfather – married Jane Syron.

J W Clarke

Robert John Syron with Grand daughter Patricha Syron.

Daniel Syron, ..?… and Annie Syron.

Maggie and Joe Clarke

Fred Clarke